Monday, November 15, 2010

Have a seat!

I really like to share my opinions. A lot of the time, Steve just gives me a smile and a nod and does what he wants anyway. He showed me a chair and said he was going to paint it silver and distress it. I said I thought it would look great in a blue. He smiled and nodded.

And did this!

I love it when he listens to me!!! Well, it was a good idea as you can see. He lovingly painted this chair a great pearlized blue shade. You can't quite see in the photos, but it has a really beautiful sheen. And the distressing is so elegant! I know that sounds a little crazy to say distressing is elegant, but it really is. I especially love the oversized graphic print in Black and White. It's a great modern juxtaposition to the classic lines of the chair. He also added the wooden flourishes to the chair to give it a little more classic flavor. 

This chair would look so great in a bedroom or living room area. Or maybe by a hutch in the entry way where you would change out of your know, if you lived in a snowy area. 

Anyway, it's listed in our new Etsy shop! It's only been opened an hour, and we were already featured in someone's treasury and have had inquiries about one of our pieces. That's a good sign!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's get PERSONAL!

Steve has been working with his sister, the lovely and talented Sheree Flick  (who, incidentally, is the amazing photographer behind our lovely photos on this here blog) to decorate her new house. Aside from the really cool nightstands he did for her (to be showcased when I have a photo of them in action....Sheree...are you out there?), he did some cool, personalized wall art for her!

Sheree and her charming husband, Lee, just celebrated the arrival of their firstborn, an absolutely adorable little guy named William. Which makes for 3 in the family!

First, using a graphic design program, Steve came up with a great graphic for the Flick family.

This, for example.

He then transferred the image on to 2 "canvasses" which were some type of pallet or crate in a former life, using various artistic paint techniques. The outcome was a very personal yet stunning piece of art. A perfect housewarming gift for the little family in their new home.

Unique, personal, shabby elegance!

What a great piece of art, yes?

And, as a bonus, I thought I'd showcase some fun with color Steve likes to have. This is our living room - the colors are primarily browns, khaki's and red, but then he adds these bright pops of color - like teal or purple. 

He has this old traveling chest that he's painted a fabulous shade that we'll call "distressed purple." He then found these fun candlesticks and painted them teal - bright teal! The end result is a fun and unexpected pop of color. 

Is it a coffee table or a treasure? It's BOTH

Unexpected and surprising yet cohesive. 

Finally, I'm so excited because today we took a trip to HOME FABRICS and found some great fabric for our dining room chairs. I told Steve that I wanted to have the dining room done by Thanksgiving so we can have our Thanksgiving dinner there.  So we have just less than 2 weeks to get the chairs finished. I'm looking forward to taking you on a guided tour of the dining room...lot's of fun goodies to see!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I LOVE mornings....well, at least once and a while.

So, Steve works at night. He's a night owl. Always has been - ask his mom. Drove her crazy because she's a sensible, early to bed early to rise kinda woman.

It's not that he means to stay up all night, it's just that he can't stop before a project is done...unless is something really huge, but even then...

Needless to say, when I woke up this morning at 7:30 to take the kids to school, he was happy to do it for me - considering he was still up.

But, the reason why is SO AMAZING - I can't stand it.

He brought this home from a yard sale expedition on Saturday. Morning. ;-)

Ok,'s seen better days, but ya know, I can see potential in things.

Then I kissed him goodnight last night and went to sleep. It would seem that he kept really busy, because at the time he was working on a chair (which I will happily show you when we find the proper fabric to re-upholster the seat).

It's like the fairy godmother came! At some point, it looked like this.

I wonder if it was worrying that it would just be painted a darker brown, never to shine in the light.

But, by dawn, a true transformation had taken place. I about tripped over myself when I noticed this in my entry way (after walking by it 3 times, to pre-occupied with the task at hand to notice a sizable addition to the entry way.)

Isn't it just perfection! I love it SOOO MUCH! 

Teal is one of my favorite colors, it truly is. And I LOVE the extreme but artfully distressed look. Before, it just looked old and tired, probably headed for the curb. But with a little love (and at least 4 layers of paint/treatments he told me) it's a MASTERPIECE!!! Look - see more!!!

Seriously, what a lovely morning surprise. I'm sad I had to wait until now to blog about it. Busy day and all.

Anyway...I hope you like it as much as I do. Teal not your thing? Keep tuned in...we have LOTS of fun stuff on it's way...

As always, if you are interested in something you see on this blog or have a special request, please contact us at

Monday, November 8, 2010

Starting off with a BANG!

Hello, and welcome to THE TREASURE JUNKIE blog!

My name is Sandra and if  you read the lovely sidebar to your right that I slaved over for hours, you'll find out more about me - but more importantly, about Steve Huntsman, the artist behind the wonderful creations featured in the blog.

The first piece I'd like to talk about is this AMAZING oversized art piece. It currently lives in my dining room and everyone who walks in my house goes crazy over it!

Such an ingenious creation! He took an old pallet, filled in the gaps with other wood pieces. He then found a saying that is personal and inspiring, printed it out in amazing fonts and projected it onto his hand-made canvas.

The result is poignant and stunning. It's approximately 6' tall by 4' wide - quite an impressive size. It takes the place of a traditional hutch in our dining room. Yeah, like I have nice china to display! 

See - an angled view

I am SO in love with the pallet art. It's totally green - recyled wood, durable, unique and interesting. A fantastic focal point for our dining room. And more pallet art to come!!

Do you LOVE IT! Want it or one like it? We take requests! Please, email